Raising a family in a foreign country is both an exciting and daring prospect. If you are thinking about moving to Denmark, or are already here and plan to start a family, the aim of From Denmark with Love is to make it easier for your international family to thrive in Denmark. 

The heart of From Denmark with Love is a wellspring of knowledge about all aspects vital to a content expat life. Start by heading over to the blog and search for a term or browse by category. From Denmark with Love also runs one of Odense’s only international parent meet-ups and is working on exciting new projects.


Well hello there! My name is Julia Jones and I am the woman behind From Denmark with Love. I am a mother of two boys, a wiggly two-year-old toddler and a calm baby boy born in summer 2018. Originally from Germany, I have been living with my British husband in Denmark, in the beautiful town of Odense, for the last five years. Mixing three cultures in daily family life comes with its own challenges. Here I share how we tackle them one by one.

Even though my roots are German, I have over the years taken on the identity of an “international”. I have lived in 7 different countries, partly for my work as a biologist and researcher (Madagascar, Sweden, England) and partly out of curiosity (Spain, South Africa). Today, my curiosity and research skills help me make the most of life in Denmark as a family with small children, and on my current journey to help empower Odense’s expat community.