Keeping little kids busy: "play-room" edition

Finding things to do with the little ones can be tricky, particularly during the week when the majority of kids younger than school age will be in nurseries or kindergartens. If you have your kid at home during the week, consider visiting one of Odense's legestuer ("play-rooms"). It's a great way for your kid to interact wi[...]

Guide to Danish Health Care during Pregnancy

For most of us, it begins with a home pregnancy test. That second line on the stick heralds changes to our lives to profound to fathom. To help with the practical steps, here is a short guide to Danish health care during pregnancy. Please note that this is only a summary and your personal care will depend on your health an[...]

Sleep tight, nighty, night!

One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is the lack of sleep. I get too few hours and my sleep gets constantly interrupted. I do not function well without enough sleep. I do things like screw in a new light bulb and declare the lamp broken because it didn't light up when I switched the light switch. The switch that reg[...]

Living Abroad Fatigue

I have a big anniversary coming up. This March I will have been living in Denmark for five years. Five years! It's hard to believe it has been this long. But then when I think about it, I finished a PhD, had a baby, a wedding, another baby ... yep, five years sounds about right. The thing about this is: if someone had aske[...]