Starting your own gig

Many internationals find themselves in the position that their future career path is unclear. Maybe they came here to study and now have to enter the workforce having their degree in the pocket. Or they came here for love, a very common reason for emigrating, and have to accept a detour to their career. Finding a job that is a good fit for a person’s skills and interests can be tough on the Danish job market.

Speaking Danish is a requirement in all but a few companies, and many of those are located in Copenhagen or Århus. Plus internationals don’t have a large network and many jobs in Denmark are filled by “people who know someone”. Consequently, many internationals find themselves working in a job with little personal rewards other than money.

Not surprisingly, therefore, that many internationals start to think of how they could leverage other skills or interests to create a fulfilling side-project, maybe with the dream to grow it into a fully-fledged business. Once taken the plunge to start something, the to-do list explodes into myriad tasks.

Well, this is where I am right now with this webpage. Setting up an online space, creating a logo, content, and attracting readers, these are all tasks that I have some experience in but no formal training. I am learning something new with every step, glad to find resources that help me reach my goal. And I am happy to share with you the treasures I dig up in my search. I have recently discovered a website, where people from all over the world offer their services. Services that can be done from remote, like graphic design or help with setting up a webpage, all common tasks on the to-do list for new endeavours. Prices often start at $5, so the webpage is called Fiverr. If you also dream of starting a blog or webshop or yoga classes or mindfulness instructions,  whatever it is that floats your boat, Fiverr, is an incredibly good resource to help you get started. This is just a personal recommendation, I am in no way affiliated with this project.

Maybe I’ll buy a product or service from you one day. Until then, stay well.

From Denmark with Love,


Fiverr is a webpage where people from all over the world offer remote services from logo design and coding to drawing an illustration of you and your dog. Prices often start at $5, hence the name.