Expat, Immigrant, International–what am I?

As a foreigner living in Denmark, I had always been vaguely uncomfortable with the term "Expatriate" or "Expat". I knew that foreigners in Denmark are split into two groups: expatriates and immigrants. The term "expatriate" seems to designate those foreigners that come to Denmark from similarly developed nations. They are [...]

My top 10 tips for travelling with baby and toddler

Expats are seasoned travelers. We share a love for exploring new countries and visit friends and family at home. However, most will agree that the actual process of getting from A to B is always slightly annoying. Depending on public transport, going through busy train stations and airports, and just spending endless hours [...]

Starting your own gig

Many internationals find themselves in the position that their future career path is unclear. Maybe they came here to study and now have to enter the workforce having their degree in the pocket. Or they came here for love, a very common reason for emigrating, and have to accept a detour to their career. Finding a job that i[...]

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Our 2-year-old has been going to baby swimming since he was a few months old. He recently started a class for older toddlers and now he is totally terrified to go. On this week's drive to the pool, the conversation went, "Mami, home"! To which I answered, "No, Sammy, we are going swimming". Only to hear, "No, Mami, home"! R[...]