Mothers' Group

Today I sat on the floor of the café of the local Ungdomshuset (literally "the youth house") while our mothers' group "INMOTION" was in full swing. Moms from all over the world chatting, eating food, nursing their little ones. Older babies crawling all over the place, younger babies sleeping oblivious to the beehive buzz ar[...]

Tree of life

When women give birth in Odense's University Hospital, they get to add a leaf to a very special tree. This tree hangs on the wall of the labour and delivery ward, and upon leaving the hospital parents are invited to make their contribution to the tree. At the beginning of the year, the tree bears twelve bare branches, one f[...]

The story of stuff

Let's start this new year and new blog with a very practical topic. Where to get all the stuff that babies need. When I was pregnant with my first, I spend months buying clothes, prams, cots, and whatnot. From then onwards, "the buying" just continued because the little babes grow faster than one would think possible. After[...]

'Tis the season to be jolly

There’s no doubt; it’s Christmas time. This year I am gifting myself something special: this online space. For a while, it has been itching in my fingers to create a platform of knowledge on the topic of raising an international family in Denmark and in Odense in particular. Why? Because I find it hard to raise my two boys [...]